Thursday, 29 December 2011

It was remind me of the past..

Last week I helped my brother to guide his guest from cilacap. It was not easy, because we must handled 25 elementary school students, the communication with the teachers, the driver and also my brother. Woah so tiring but it was so fun and experiencing!

At the last place, the rain was falling so hard and they can not play at that place. Oh I forget to tell you the place! We visited Taman Pelangi at Monumen Jogja Kembali, it was a new playground in Yogyakarta. unfortunately, I couldn't go there because of the rain. huhu..someday I will go back at there :D
And the tour was not pretty success, yah we can not predict the weather, right?!

Anyway, this some picture which is taken when I waited in my car. And guest what, I was in "galau" mood at that time :'(

Good night! :)