Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Roof Top and Flora

Okay let's to the point, I post so many pictures between me and my besties. Anyway, those pictures were taken in Sky Bar, All Seasons Hotel. It's a beautiful roof top and if you go there at afternoon, you'll see the beautiful orange sky because of the sunset. Click here from more information about this Hotel :)

And here they are the picture :D

btw, the shoes are from here :D

it looks like 6 people in a small bath up :p

And for the dinner, We went to Pizza Hut! Guess what, We met a cute, funny, beautiful little girl, and her name is Flora :D

no no no, they are not flora!

yes she is! :D

Flora :)

Even though I just have slept for 2 hours at that day because of my final exam and other things (I mean it!), anyhow I really enjoyed my day out :D

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